Mir MC, Pavan N, Capitanio U, Antonelli A, Derweesh I, Rodriguez-Faba O, Linares E, Takagi T, Rha KH, Fiori C, Maurer T, Zang C, Mottrie A, Umari P, Long JA, Fiard G, De Nunzio C, Tubaro A, Tracey AT, Ferro M, De Cobelli O, Micali S, Bevilacqua L, Torres J, Schips L, Castellucci R, Dobbs R, Quarto G, Bove P, Celia A, De Concilio B, Trombetta C, Silvestri T, Larcher A, Montorsi F, Palumbo C, Furlan M, Bindayi A, Hamilton Z, Breda A, Palou J, Aguilera A, Tanabe K, Raheem A, Amiel T, Yang B, Lima E, Crivellaro S, Perdona S, Gregorio C, Barbati G, Porpiglia F, Autorino R. Partial versus radical nephrectomy in very elderly patients: a propensity score analysis of surgical, functional and oncologic outcomes (RESURGE project). World J Urol. 2019 Apr 1

RESURGE is a retrospective database for patients 75 yo an older diagnosed with a renal mass in the kidney. It was initiate by my in collaboration with multiple centers worlwide. This database aims to compare outcomes on different surgical techniques for those patients.

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